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About 115 dancers took part in another fun PottersPairs Weekend in Hof Oberlethe! For the first time, the event was held in cooperation with  the sports Club TV Hude, as PottersPairs are now a branch.
Here a note from one of the 19! Hamburg dancers.
"Host Martin outdid himself again with the choice of ball dances containing obscure figures like the Quadruple Figure of Eight, Set and Link for Four Couples, or the Roulette. Despite initial concerns it was great fun, and the ballroom was packed with smiling dancers from Germany, UK, the Netherlands, France and Portugal. Musicians Màrtainn Skene and Kev Lees had to work overtime with so many encores!"
Thankyou so much Kevin and Màrtainn!

One of the Lisbon dancers gave the most wonderful praise
 "Nowhere else do we dance with so much joy!!"

3 courses were held over the weekend. A big thankyou to all teachers!
  Emma Selke (supported by Jona Kutsche) taught 6 children. Mechthild Timmins - 24 Intermediate and Ian Brockbank from Edinburgh - 65 Advanced.
Dances taught found here

3 minute video to the event     and the youth team Display
Thankyou to all who came!
 Cheers Martin




PottersPairs Weekend 2022
What a great weekend that was - I am still floating on air - filled with smiles and laughing - thankyou for coming and helping to make it such a fun event. 
And for those who couldn't make it - see what you missed!
Save the date May 5th - 7th 20223!! : )



Sarah-Jane Summers, Juhani Silvola and James Gray 
A big thankyou for your great music 
with special guests 
Neil Ewart and Susie Petrov 



Fiona El Kahel 
for leading the Kids Course 




Ute Pitzal and Susie Petrov + Silke Grosholz
Intermediate course 
dance list




Jamie and James (+Finn and Arthur! : ) Gray 
Advanced course
Here Jamie's class dance list



It was just an amazing weekend
much too short!!

Thankyou also the spontaneous demonstration team accompanied by the Musicians course
(sadly no photo)


Pepita Dreamteam Demonstration




And those who couldn't come 

Susie wrote : )
Hi All, 
I want to thank you ALL for everything you did to help make a lot of people very happy this past weekend! Martin, please thank and congratulate Geisla for all of your hospitality and inspirations and your new grandson, Owen Martin! Congratulations on your next generation of Fin, Arthur and Alistair (sp?) Whoever thought sleep-deprived parents could teach and play so well? How DO you do it???
It was a real treat for me to enjoy the company of old friends and to make new friends on the dance band stage. We really put the "life and mettle" into their heels! We are darn good at making fun for the dancers and fun for ourselves together.
Both Neil and I made it home in time for work on Monday (phew!) I guess the Dutch prioritize the big international flights and the transfer terminal was fine, even though there is no sauna and no one wanted to look at my covid status.
I have really missed my traveling, for though it is fun to stay home, when I go away, I spend much-needed time with my people and I restore my faith in humanity- mine and everyone else's.
I look forward to the next time we gather this wonderful team!
GO US!! Hurrayyy!!! We have much to be grateful for and this trip was an excellent reminder for me.
love, Susie




Madame Pipeau (Aliénor Latour) 

Medley S 40 + R 40 Performed by PottersPairs

for some of our younger dancers it was their first dance with highland steps!

Looking back - PottersPairs Weekend 2008 - 2014

Dear Ute - Dear German Team Newcastle Festival 2017

What a fantastic event it was – I was very happy to be part of this fun (and successful) team : ) For my part - I feel immensely proud about our “Chocolat” you were a great gang to work with – didn’t we give an amazing performance!!

Now - when I heard of what you were thanking me with – not really being a chocolate lover – I thought – oh dear – maybe I should have worked on a theme of nuts or whisky!? But that little box that came through the post (while Gisela and I were in Norway) is full of Vivian’s magic – enough to convert anybody!!!

Thankyou all : ))) Looking forward to the next time - Merci chocola beaucoup





Potters Pairs Book One


German Team - Newcastle


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