About Potters Pairs

About Potters Pairs

I have enjoyed dance since childhood – at family events we did not miss out on “the dashing white Soldier” or “strip the willow” and other “Ceilidh” dances. In the early 90s, when I was involved in starting an “International folk dance” group, it did not take long to realize my passion lay in SCD. Around about 2000 I started teaching a group in Oldenburg and my own SCD group shortly after. It has grown from about 8 to over 30 members. I received my certificate in 2012 in Edinburgh under Pat Houghton and have been chaiman of the Central German Branch since 2016 My group meets every Monday in Hude and they are so keen we dance throughout the year except sometimes over Christmas!

In 2007 it was wonderful that Judith Kowalczik joined the group and she achieved her RSCDS teachers certificate in 2011.

Since 2010 Tobias Huenger has enhanced our group - he achieved his RSCDS teachers certificate in 2014 – so we have quite a team of teachers which makes it possible to split the group on occasions for beginners to work on basics or the demonstration team to practice.

And most recently Avril and David Quarrie joined our team - bringing with them more teaching experience than all three of us put together : )

We are affiliated with the

"Harvey's Friends" (Delmenhorst)

who are taught by Andrea Kaufmann.

She achieved her teachers certificate in 2004

They meet in Delmenhorst on Tuesdays 19:00-20:30

DTV Vereinsheim Spiegelsaal, Am Stadtbad 1, Delmenhorst,




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