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About 115 dancers took part in another fun PottersPairs Weekend in Hof Oberlethe! For the first time, the event was held in cooperation with  the sports Club TV Hude, as PottersPairs are now a branch.
Here a note from one of the 19! Hamburg dancers.
"Host Martin outdid himself again with the choice of ball dances containing obscure figures like the Quadruple Figure of Eight, Set and Link for Four Couples, or the Roulette. Despite initial concerns it was great fun, and the ballroom was packed with smiling dancers from Germany, UK, the Netherlands, France and Portugal. Musicians Màrtainn Skene and Kev Lees had to work overtime with so many encores!"
Thankyou so much Kevin and Màrtainn!

One of the Lisbon dancers gave the most wonderful praise
 "Nowhere else do we dance with so much joy!!"

3 courses were held over the weekend. A big thankyou to all teachers!
  Emma Selke (supported by Jona Kutsche) taught 6 children. Mechthild Timmins - 24 Intermediate and Ian Brockbank from Edinburgh - 65 Advanced.

Dances taught found here

3 minute video to the event     and the youth team Display
Thankyou to all who came!
 Cheers Martin


PottersPairs Weekend 2022 young dem team dancing "Pepeta Dreamteam"

A big thankyou for the great music

Sarah-Jane Summers, Juhani Silvola and James Gray 
with special guests 
Neil Ewart and Susie Petrov[xxxxxx]/thanks-for-coming-6095549

Madame Pipeau (Aliénor Latour)

Medley S 40 + R 40 Performed by PottersPairs

for some of our younger dancers it was their first dance with highland steps!

Dear Ute - Dear German Team Newcastle Festival 2017

What a fantastic event it was – I was very happy to be part of this fun (and successful) team : ) For my part - I feel immensely proud about our “Chocolat” you were a great gang to work with – didn’t we give an amazing performance!!

Now - when I heard of what you were thanking me with – not really being a chocolate lover – I thought – oh dear – maybe I should have worked on a theme of nuts or whisky!? But that little box that came through the post (while Gisela and I were in Norway) is full of Vivian’s magic – enough to convert anybody!!!

Thankyou all : ))) Looking forward to the next time - Merci chocola beaucoup


Potters Pairs Book One

German Team - Newcastle

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